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The New Educator Campaign

The New Educator Engagement, Support and Recruitment Campaign (New Ed) is the back-to-school component of the NEA’s year-round organizing program.
Colorado educator in red shirt speaking
Published: 07/16/2020

We Are NEA 

Together we are the biggest and loudest advocates for our schools, our students, and ourselves. Becoming a member of the union connects you with a movement of educators supporting each other. We are a community that will help you advocate for the funding, resources, and support you and your students deserve.   

Learn why we organize in this video highlighting educator’s voices:

    New Educator Campaign: Theory of Change

    The New Educator Engagement, Support and Recruitment Campaign (New Ed) works with new educators during back-to-school, providing resources, support, and engagement when educators need it most. 

    We believe that if our union strategically engages and recruits new and early career educators during back to school, we will activate a greater number of leaders to grow our union’s membership and increase member engagement. This growth and engagement will result in collective power our members can leverage to win on issues affecting our public schools and students. 

    “As I started getting more involved, I saw the advocacy side of it and I realized I have so much more power to change the landscape of education.” - Monica Taylor Smith, Aspiring Educator, NC State Education 

    New Educator Campaign Planning Chart
    New Ed Campaign Planning Elements

    The New Educator campaign is part of our Year-Round Organizing Framework, which is designed energize and support organizing throughout the year. Other components of the Year-Round Organizing Framework include:  

    NEA’s Local Growth and Strategic Field Opportunities Team is Here to Help 

    We support NEA Leaders and Affiliates to promote a culture of organizing by lifting up the best practices among the NEA affiliates through convenings, webinars, toolkits, and other materials. A complete library of resources is located at

    Sign Up Your Local

    Be part of the vibrant campaign that is changing how our union organizes and communicates with members and potential members.

    Telephonic Join and Digital Ads Recruitment

    State Affiliates who are interested in working with NEA on innovative organizing tactics may submit a readiness assessment for consideration. We are currently offering partnerships in telephonic join and/or digital advertising. Telephonic join is a paid caller program and digital advertising is mainly focused on Facebook at this time.

    Who Do I Contact? 

    Looking for who to contact in your state about New Ed before signing up?  Check out the list of state teams. To connect with an NEA organizer, email our team at [email protected].

    Sign up your local

    Be part of the vibrant campaign that is changing how our union organizes and communicates with members and potential members.
    Educator listens to a conversation

    Important organizing resources

    We've compiled a complete library of resources to promote a culture of organizing at your affiliate.
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