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Register for our Facilitated Diversity, Equity, and Cultural Competence in Classroom Instruction Blended Learning Course

Today, the words Diversity, Equity, and Cultural Competence (DECC) have become familiar and even trendy to use. But when used together and as a phrase, they describe a way of work and a mindset. They also serve as a lens to intentionally think through how to create and sustain a learning environment that is inclusive and affirming to all stakeholders.
Man with iPad sits on a desk in front of a group of students.

Educators will develop a common language and understanding for diversity, equity, and cultural competence. This will allow them to effectively develop and implement strategies that value the cultural experiences of all students and their families. When students’ diverse cultural experiences are valued in their education, they are honored and feel a sense of belonging—something that helps them to engage with the content. Thereby, promoting social and academic success.

NEA blended learning courses will be facilitated by NEA-trained blended learning facilitators. Participants will receive a certificate for 15-hours of professional development upon course completion.* 

  • NEA’s Diversity, Equity, and Cultural Competence in Classroom Instruction blended learning course runs March 06 to April 10
  • Registration Closes: February 24, 2023
Blended Learning Schedule

*Disclaimer: NEA Blended Learning course participants are encouraged to review the laws and procedures particular to their home state or country regarding the acceptance of NEA 15 contact hours for professional credit.

Note: NEA blended learning courses are offered at no cost to NEA members. Non-members may register for a $100 fee.