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You Just Won't Believe What Happened to my Homework

The Dog really did eat it! (And it was the Teacher's Pet)

Found in: Classroom Management

When it comes to reasons for not doing their homework, students' creativity knows no bounds. Enjoy these unusual (and funny) excuses shared by your colleagues that you may not have heard (yet).

The Teacher's Dog Ate My Homework

As a teacher, I have always allowed for the "dog ate my homework" excuse. It came about when my son left his school work on the floor one day and before I could move to get it, his dog pounced and it and tore it to shreds along with his text book.

The next day in class I told my students that the only excuse I would accept from now on is "my dog ate my homework".

However, they must bring in the pieces because dogs leave very precise bite marks. So, teachers, if a student says that the dog ate his homework, make them prove it."

— Andrew Jaussi

Blowing in the Wind

"A student once told me that the AC in his dad's car had gone out, and the wind blew it away while his dad drove with the windows rolled down. "

— Ms. Nieves

My Mom Forgot to do It

"A kindergarten student actually told me once: “I'm sorry I don't have my homework. We went swimming at my aunt's house and I forgot my backpack there.”  Another kindergarten student also told me, “ I'm sorry my homework isn't here. My mother forgot to do it for me yesterday."

— Victor Tellez

Stopping Germs

One of my fourth graders told me, "I had a cold over the weekend and I was sneezing a lot. I didn't want you to get sick if I sneezed on my homework, so I didn't do it."

Susan, Cumberland, RI

Grand Opening

"I wasn't able to do my homework last night because we had to go to the Grand Opening of the Bass Pro Shop." Four students gave me this same excuse ... you've got to love it!

Michelle Bennett, Shallotte, North Carolina

All Packed Up

"We are moving and my mom packed it in a box and we can not find it." Since this responsible young lady is reliable I gave her a break. I had a good laugh when mom called later in the day to confirm the story. She actually brought it to school the next week after unpacking from the move.

Alicia Jacobson, Haiku, Hawaii

The MVP is not Excused

“Our hockey team just won the State Championships for the second year and I am the MVP...doesn't that give me a break on homework?”

As you can imagine, not only did it not give him a break, but he received points taken off for lateness.

Ann Johnston, Brighton, Colorado

No Roman Numerals

The best homework excuse I've ever heard was back in the day when we had students typing outlines for their research papers. One young man explained that he didn't have the task completed because his "typewriter didn't come with Roman numerals on it."

— Robin Fisher-Terry



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