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The Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership

Economic competitiveness starts in school.

That’s the idea behind a wide-ranging series of grants from the National Science Foundation called the Math Science Partnership (MSP) Program aimed at improving math and science education across the country and closing achievement gaps.

The grants help higher education and K-12 faculty work together to improve education for public school students. And they fund leadership training to help teachers who take part in these collaborative programs spread the word.

One of the strongest MSP projects is the Milwaukee Mathematics Partnership, which involves the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Public Schools, and the Milwaukee Area Technical College. It aims to improve education for 100,000 Milwaukee students.

The Partnership involves mathematics faculty and mathematics educators in collaboration with PK-12 educators in:
• strengthening district curricula,
• student assessment measures, and
• re-designing pre-service and in-service teacher preparation
The MMP has several ongoing activities including:
• "Math Alliance" -- a three-year-collaboration between regular and special education teachers in grades 4 to 9 to build their mathematics content knowledge.
• Transition to College Mathematics--Mathematics educators from MATC and UWM have been devising strategies to help prepare high school students for successful enrollment in college mathematics courses
And there is evidence that MMP is paying off. Students in schools that have high faculty participation in the program show more growth in achievement than those in schools with low participation.

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