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Get Ready for Back to School with our Practical Online Guide

Veteran educators share advice and ideas for starting the school year off right.

Download your free e-book—Get Ready for Back to School!



A successful school year starts with good planning—from setting up the classroom to working with parents to establishing reliable procedures and rules. We’ve collected ideas, tips, and strategies from educators around the country to help you best prepare for the new school year.

Each section of this eight-page, downloadable pdf file is full of practical advice, plus links to more free online resources.

So roll up those sleeves, decorate those bulletin boards, and get ready for another rewarding and challenging school year.

No special e-book reader is required!

This e-book is a PDF (7.5 MB, 8 pp) and is readable in most web browsers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, on your computer, and on other digital devices, including many smartphones.