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More (and Free) Cool Classroom Apps

Creative, Fun and Educational Online Tools

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Recently we asked educators what cool apps they’re using in their classrooms. That question led to our first story, “Cool Apps for Your Classroom,” which gave us even more responses! Here are some of the free online tools being used in classrooms across the nation. 

(Click on the slideshow to see them in action)

Do you use these apps? Do you know of other tools you would like to share? Do you wish your school had the resources? Let us know in the comment section below.

Full List

  1. Popplet
  2. Fun Trivia
  3. Games for the Brain
  4. Idea Flight
  5. Skitch
  6. Molecules
  7. GoAnimate for Schools



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Advice & Support

Cool Apps for Your Classroom

by Rebecca Logan, NEA Sr. Writer/Editor

Educators from across the nation shared with us some of their favorite apps to make learning engaging, interactive and challenging.