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Best of Works4Me: December Holidays

Quick ideas for teaching and celebrating December holidays, compiled by NEA Staff Editors.

Advice & Support

Using Techology To Connect With Parents

By Chad Donohue

Are parents telling you they feel disconnected and uniformed? There's an app for that! 

Advice & Support

Using Smartphone Cameras To Improve Student Organizational Skills

By Chad Donohue

Smartphones in class?  Check out this unique way students can use them to help them - and you - stay organized!


Keep Parents in the Picture

by Maureen

Food is a great way to lure parents to conferences, but this educator makes it personal. See why her tip makes parents feel appreciated and heard. 

Connect with Your Peers

Students Making Excuses

Pat says, “When I tell a student to stop talking, he will reply, "I'm not the only one talking". How do I respond to this student? ”

Kate Ortiz says, “It is helpful to make sure that your expectations are clear and students know when they are and aren't supposed to be talking. This clarity needs to include what you consider to be appropriate volume in different situations and what individual volume should sound like during group work.…”

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What to Expect in 2015

Saad Alam, CEO of edtech company Citelighter, shares lessons learned from helping over 3,000 schools adopt new technology.