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Improving Schools: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Every adult in the school community plays a role in creating, bolstering, reinforcing, and strengthening the school environment.

Back to School Guide

Educator-tested tips, advice, and resources for a successful start to the school year.

Students Ruin My Good Lesson Plans

Advice from your fellow educators to a frustrated first-year teacher whose problem student is creating a classroom crisis.

Teachers Have Backpacks Too!

As you get ready to go back to school, you will need to pack your teacher survival kit. What does that include? Check out what your NEA colleagues but in their backpacks to be prepared for all those unexpected classroom adventures.

Lessons à La Cart: Teaching Without a Classroom

Floating teachers have to be extremely organized. Learn their secrets to staying efficient and traveling light.

Best of Works4Me: Back to School

21 of the best back-to-school-themed teaching tips we’ve gathered over the years, each one authored a real expert, an educator like you.

Cool Apps for Your Classroom

Educators from across the nation shared with us some of their favorite iPad and iPhone apps to make learning engaging, interactive and challenging.

Foster Relationships that Help Improve Student Achievement

Building positive relationships with students is essential to the learning process, but getting to know them isn’t always easy. The secret? Help them get to know you first.

When the Going Gets Tough

An educator’s guide to financial stability in tough economic times

The Assimilation of a Student Teacher

A well-laid plan for efficiently integrating a future educator into your classroom.

Five Things to Do on the First Day of School

A good first day of school can set the tone for the next 179 -- so let's get it right!

The Best of Works4Me: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Practical advice on preparing for, and conducting, parent-teacher conferences – from the real experts: teachers like you.

Back to School Prep on Pinterest

Looking for good ideas to inspire your teaching and get your semester off to a good start? Check out our slideshow of popular pins and resources.

Best of Works4Me: Thanksgiving

Works4Me is a weekly e-newsletter, showcasing practical classroom tips written and submitted by the readers themselves. Below are a few of our favorites related to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Create a Substitute Information File

Give your substitute teacher an edge on what could be a long day in the classroom.

Stayin' Alive, Part II

Strategies for smooth sailing to Spring break.

Stayin' Alive

Staying stress free - and surviving the first semester.

Showcasing Student Work

Ever been blown away by the work of your students? Why not share their amazing projects with a larger audience.

Use This Not That

Cut classroom costs by substituting these inexpensive items for pricier classroom supplies.

Hooked on Homework

Engaging students through more meaningful homework

Advice for New Special Education Teachers

An elementary special ed. teacher tells how he survived the first few months of school.

Five Tips for Writing Letters of Recommendation

When you're are being chased down by your students and your inboxes are filling up with desperate requests for needed letters of recommendation, keep these tips in mind

The Best of Works4Me: Halloween Activities

Works4Me is a weekly e-newsletter, showcasing practical classroom tips written and submitted by the readers themselves. Here you’ll find our favorites on Halloween activities, lesson plans and resources.

Pinterest: Get Ideas for your Classroom

Pinterest, now famous for being the fastest-growing social media site ever with 31.2 million users after launching just a little over two years ago, is both a great tool for educators and dangerously fun.