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Top Picks for March

  • March 17 is St. Patrick's Day
    Subjects: English Language Arts
    Grade Levels: 1-12
    Summary: This ReadWriteThink resource includes classroom activities, lesson plans, and related resources that explore the history of St. Patrick's Day and Irish history and culture.
  • Comparing Historical Maps: How can historical maps show how a place has changed over time? [National Geographic Education Activity]
    Subjects: Social Studies, Geography, History, United States History
    Grade Levels: 5-6
    Summary: In this activity, students compare maps of Boston as it looked in 1775 to maps of Boston as it looks today in order to identify how humans have altered the landscape and to describe how changes in population affect the physical characteristics of a place.
  • Engineering and Empathy: Teaching the Engineering Design Process through Assistive Devices [TeachEngineering Curricular Unit of 3 Modules]
    Subjects: Science and Technology
    Grade Levels: 6-8
    Summary: Students follow the steps of the engineering design process (EDP) while learning about assistive devices and biomedical engineering.


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