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Red Studio

Found In: Arts, 9-12

Red Studio: A Site for Teens was developed by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in collaboration with high school students. It explores modern art, artists, and what goes on behind the scenes at a museum and features interviews with artists, interactive youDESIGN and REMIX activities, and talk back bulletin board.

Online Art Activities

Red Studio’s catalog of activities includes Fauxtogram, an online activity inspired by the process of making images on photographic paper without a camera. Select from a menu of foods, everyday items, games, tools, and other odds and ends to design an image, and then set an exposure. Students shouldn’t miss Man Ray and his Rayographs.

Other activities include:

  • CHANCE WORDS, inspired by artist Tristan Tzara’s recipe for making a Dada poem;
  • youDESIGN, which lets students design a school in a familiar or exotic location with familiar or exotic materials; and,
  • REMIX, lets students create collages. An introduction shows them how to set a background and add shapes, adjust shape size and background and shape opacity, and save. The introduction includes examples of collage.

Artists, Podcasts, Interviews

MoMA Teen Podcasts examine artists and a work of art, such as Pablo Picasso’s “Studio with Plaster Head” (1925).

Behind the Scenes is a section in which teens ask working artists about their art. An interview with director and production designer Ralph Eggleston, for example, takes a look Pixar’s success. Other interviews explore modern art and design.

Red Studio is an evolving site. Visit often to see what’s new.



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