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Finding Information on the Internet

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Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial is the core of web searching workshops once offered by the UC Berkeley Library. The online tutorial covers search strategies, search tools, evaluating web pages, style sheets for citing resources, glossary of jargon, and PDFs and PowerPoint presentations that were used in the workshops.

Recommended Search Strategy outlines a five-step search method:

  1. Step 1 is analyzing the subject to determine a beginning.
    A worksheet (PDF icon PDF 67 KB, 1 pg.) is provided to assist in this task.
  2. Step 2 is deciding which search tools to use, and a chart relates the characteristics of individual search topics to specific tools. Links to tools and explanatory information are provided.
  3. Steps 3-5 reiterate and tweak steps 1 and 2.

The section on Search Tools covers basics information about different types of search engines and their use value.

  • An explanation of how search engines work includes a comparison table of recommended search engines;
  • A discussion of subject directories recommends the best human-selected collections of web pages;
  • Meta-search engines are described and links to four examples are provided, but their use is not recommended;
  • finally, the invisible web (or deep web) is defined and strategies for finding its resources are suggested.

Evaluating Web Pages is a comprehensive explanation of why and how-to judge the reliability of websites and the information found on them. This section has links to evaluative tools and websites.

Style Sheets provides guidance for citing print and electronic resources and includes links to MLA (7th edition), APA (6th edition), and Chicago (16th edition). It also has a discussion of plagiarism.

Glossary was last updated in May 2012. The glossary is cross linked to other terms and tools.

Class Handouts for is a collection of PDFs and PowerPoint presentations for teaching web searching. These resources are periodically updated. The most recent are listed at the top of the page.



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