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Google Search Education

Found In: all subjects, 6-8, 9-12

Google Search Education provides lessons, activities, posters, tips, and webinars to help teachers hone their own and their students’ web search skills.

Skills for Students

Under Lesson Plans & Activities teachers can find five lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced web searchers to hone search literacy skills, such as:

  • picking the right search terms,
  • understanding search results,
  • narrowing a search,
  • searching for evidence for research, and
  • evaluating sources.

Each lesson has a slide presentation with imbedded video. A Lesson Overview and Lesson Pan Map list College and Career Readiness (CCR) Anchor Standards. A link to Inside Search at the page bottom features the latest search features, tips, and tricks.

Use A Google A Day Challenges to help students test their search skills. Challenges fall under culture, geography, history, and science. Each challenge is presented in a series of slides that a teacher can display one at a time on a whiteboard.

Professional Development for Educators

Live Trainings is an archive of 14 webinars for teachers to improve their own search skills and learn how to bring search literacy to their students. Topics covered include power searching, assessing authority, creative commons, and using Google Scholar.

Power Searching with Google is a FREE online course showcasing search techniques and how to use them. The course features six 50-minute classes, interactive activities, and opportunities to connect with others. After passing a post-course assessment, a printable Certificate of Completion is emailed. Classes run July 10 to July 19, 2012. Course-related activities will end on July 23, 2012. Interested educators are urged to register before the first class on July 10th.

Free Posters

Classroom Posters provides 8 PDFs in two sizes 8.5x11 and 17x22 covering search tips, Google Scholar, Google Earth and more.



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