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Big Bang Registry

Found In: science, 9-12

If you pointed a thermometer at the sky and subtracted the effects of all the stars, you would detect a faint glow coming from the outer edge of the observable Universe caused by remnants of the Big Bang. This Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR) is what the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) has detected. The Big Bang Registry depicts CBR in terms of traditional Earth cartography on Map I by presenting “hot spots” as mountains and cold spots as oceans.

The website has two more maps giving full-sky views of the universe as seen from our solar system.

  • Map II offers the same view of the sky in infrared, and
  • Map III shows the "hot" and "cold" spots in false color.

An introductory video explains the Big Bang and the CBR that lingers as evidence.

Students can explore a lot of features and locations on Map I and even name a piece of the invented geography. The Educational section features a print and video explanation of the Big bang, CBR, and cosmic expansion.



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