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Curiosity: NASA’s Next Mars Rover

Found In: Found In: mathematics, science, 6-8, 9-12

NASA’s Curiosity: NASA’s Next Mars Rover gathers mission information on Curiosity, the Mars Science Laboratory, which is due to land on Mars August 6th. The index page provides MSL updates, resources, images, and videos. A clock counts down to launch. Resources include a 61-page landing press kit (PDF icon PDF , 5.4 MB, 61 pgs.), a landing infographic, links to watch live coverage, and more.

A link to Everything You Need to Know about Landing has the Mars Science Laboratory Landing Toolkit, which features the video Seven Minutes of Terror, illustrating the complicated MSL landing as well as other videos and resources.

Follow Your Curiosity links to materials that can be downloaded and printed and interactive experiences for teachers and students. Mars for Educators has a series of lessons and activities for students in grades 5-8 to learn about Mars and prepare them to imagine and design their own Mars community. Mars Student Imaging Project (MSIP). MSIP is a free NASA program for anyone in grades 5-12 to participate in NASA research. Teams of students work with scientists, mission planners, and educators to photograph a site on Mars using a camera onboard the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, which currently orbits Mars every 2 hours. Imagine Mars challenges students to imagine and design livable Mars communities.

Be a Martian is an interactive that lets users become Martian robotic citizens and explore the planet.

And there’s a lot more to explore at NASA.



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