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Food Face

Found In: arts, social studies, 6-8, 9-12

detail of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's piece, "Vortumnus (Vertumno)"

Food Face lets students create portraits in the style of 16th-century artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The application supplies a library of frames, backgrounds, and stamps of fruits and vegetables. A slider controls transparency and lets artists age their portraits. Two rows of buttons along the bottom provide additional control. Students can jump right in and explore the tool as they create or use the Help button to get more detailed instructions. Anyone can use the application, but free registration is required to save work.

For biographical background and a look at Arcimboldo’s portraits, visit Giuseppe Arcimboldo – The Complete Works. The site has a brief biography, images of all his works, and a slideshow. The images are marred with website copyright information, but having all the works together makes a web search for a particular food portrait easier. A Links page will take students to other sources. For example, a link to the Web Gallery of Art includes his nature studies, court designs, and realistic portraits for the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II as well as his composite and reversible food heads.

Photographer Klaus Enrique Gerdes’s website has a slideshow of photos inspired by Arcimboldo. The slides can be paused for closer inspection.



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