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Found In: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8

Detail of “Pirates of the Lodestone,” an interactive game exploring magnetic fields and materials.

Wonderville is a free interactive science and technology website created by the Science Alberta Foundation for K-8 students. Anyone can use the website, but members of Userville (youths, parents, teachers) have additional benefits. Becoming a member is free.

Wonderville is organized under three headings: Fun Science, Neat Jobs, and Awesome Tech. Under each heading, users will find activities (crosswords, word searches and printable activity sheets), comics, more than 30 games, and videos under the subheadings of computing, energy, engineering, environment, investigation, and nanotechnology.

Fun Science has an activity on Facial Recognition that explores pattern recognition software and biometrics. Fingerprints, faces, irises, and speech are identified using such programs. In this activity, students develop a simple model for identifying faces and test its effectiveness.

Neat Jobs features a game called Time to Drill. This game is also available in French. Students adjust pressure and rotation of a drill as they drill into the earth. As they work they learn how oil is formed, how to map layers of rock with seismic imaging, and how to meet the challenges of vertical and horizontal drilling.

A related video, Careers in Pipelines: Keeping Modern Life Flowing, examines the designing and building of pipelines.

Awesome Tech includes a comic page called A Cup Full of Nano that uses regular and mini marshmallows to explore the relationship of surface area to reaction time.

The video Do You Know What Nano Means? brings the nanoscale into perspective. Click About the Xcience to learn more about the nanoscience.



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