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5 Gyres

Found In: social studies, science, 6-8, 9-12

5 Gyres: Understanding Plastic Pollution Through Exploration, Education, and Action aims to highlight a problem created by making throw-away packaging out of a material designed to last forever. The website includes many brief videos. The homepage features a world map locating the five ocean concentrations of plastic debris.

What Is The Problem? describes the extent of plastic pollution by providing information about the use of plastic bags and bottles in the US, how the plastics in the oceans affect animal life and potentially human consumers, and the size of the gyres, or circulating ocean currents. For example, the North pacific gyre is nearly twice the size of the US.

What Is The Solution? suggests ways individual consumers can reduce plastic pollution by reducing plastic consumption.

See Global Research examines the distribution of pollution, provides links to research articles, and poses new questions to investigate.

Education & Exhibits provides video guides for building rafts and boats from bottles and ropes from bags, a PDF describing a survey of plastic pollution activity that requires a visit to a beach but that could be adapted for the landlocked for a roadside, and visiting exhibits and presentations.

Join An Expedition describes past expeditions to gather pollution data in the gyres. Volunteers have and will join future voyages.



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