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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Kids Pages

Found In: health & p.e., science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences - Kids Pages is a collection of lessons, activities, and games for students in grades K-12+ on the effects of the environment on human health.

Discover & Explore has six subheadings that cover health and environment, healthy living, recycling, the natural world, pollution, and science. In the natural world activities, Swirled World! and Make a Sundial, students model the way Earth's environment is affected by natural and man-made disasters and make a sundial from a shoe box, a paper plate, tape, scissors, and a popsicle stick or pencil.

What’s That Word is a glossary of terms used throughout the site.

Scientific Kids has four subheading that feature kids’ environmental art and poetry, experiments, activities, and quizzes.

Fun & Games provides games, puzzles, coloring pages, songs, jokes, optical illusions, riddles, and brainteasers. Illusions is a collection of optical ambiguity, such as A Face Or A Word.

Parents & Teachers supplies lesson plans, activities, fact sheets, newsletters, links to resources for healthy kids, links to related offsite resources, and Ask an Expert.

Stories is a library of 12 tales with healthy messages.

Little Kids is a zone with selected activities especially suited for younger children.



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