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Websites for Digital Learning Games and Interactives

Found In: all subjects, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

  1. Eduweb: Portfolio contains digital learning games and interactives suitable for grades K-12. Resources are grouped under featured, subject, grade, client, and those for mobile. Subjects represented are history, earth & space science, engineering & technology, natural history, the arts, geography & economics, health, and reading. Eduweb develops activities for museums, zoos, and other educational organizations. Some activities will be on client websites.
  2. U-505 On-line Activities simulates the U.S. Navy capture of a German U-boat off Africa during WWII. The site has two games and an interactive timeline. Players can choose to command the U.S. Navy Task Group or the U-505. Explore the timeline to learn how the U-boat was captured.
  3. Be a Spacecraft Engineer introduces students to elements of spacecraft design using the STARDUST spacecraft and the International Space Station as examples.
  4. Shedd Educational Adventures (SEA) features six aquatic science interactives covering grades K-12. Two Build-a-Fish and Squish the Fish) are in available in Spanish as well as English. Lesson plans and fact sheets are provided.
  5. In A. Pintura: Art Detective, a detective has to identify the artist responsible for a painting found in an attic. Players examine paintings by famous artists from Gauguin to Van Gogh. Each example highlights an art concept such as composition, style or subject. A teacher resource page is included.
  6. Where in the World and What in the World is Money? takes players to different times and places. As they get home, players learn about forms of exchange have been used as money.



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