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Shakespeare in American Communities

Found In: language arts, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Shakespeare in American Communities supplies historical information on Shakespeare, the Elizabethan period, and Elizabethan theater, a brief explanation of iambic pentameter, a discussion of Shakespeare’s popularity in America, and Shakespeare in contemporary culture. Teachers and students in grades 6-12 will also find summaries of Shakespeare's 38 plays.

For Teachers provides a number of resource PDFs.

  • A Teacher’s Guide  ( PDF, 7.7 MB, 33 pgs.) is an illustrated and more detailed version of the website.
  • A Recitation Contest Booklet ( PDF, 7.8 MB, 46 pgs.) and Award Certificate  ( PDF, 57.1 KB, 1 pg.) suggest how to approach a recitation competition and provide monologues and sonnets and an award template.
  • Fun With Shakespeare ( PDF, 767 KB, 4 pgs.) has words and phrases coined by Shakespeare, famous quotes, a crossword puzzle, and a Test Your Shakespeare IQ quiz.
  • An Answer Key ( PDF, 905 KB, 4 pgs.) is included.

Teachers can request a free Tool Kit, that includes two DVDs, a CD, and timeline poster. One DVD is a documentary in which students and actors discuss what Shakespeare means to them. The second DVD features excerpts from over 30 films and theater productions. The CD offers teaching suggestions. The timeline sets Shakespeare’s life in historical, scientific, and cultural context.


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