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Resources for Teachers at the National Academies

Found in: science, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Resources for Teachers at the National Academies, provides K-12 classroom resources on cutting edge scientific topics in earth and life sciences and engineering. Two of the site highlights are a 26-minute video and a website, both designed to teach the basics of climate change and climate modeling:

  • Climate Change: Lines of Evidence, a video divided into seven chapters, explores climate, global warming, greenhouse gases, emissions, the sun’s influence, and natural cycles. Teachers can download associated printables in English and Spanish versions.

  • The six parts of the website Climate Modeling 101 examine climate, computer models, constructing climate models, validating climate models, and users and developers of climate models.  It features short videos that cover a variety of climate, weather, and climate model topics.  Constructing a Climate Model, for example, presents the basics. The site includes a discussion of sources of historical and present day climate data.

The section on Energy features What You Need to Know About Energy covering uses, costs, sources, and efficiency and Bioinspired Energy with video interviews and animated illustrations explaining current research in bioinspired energy. One video describes how one-celled organisms harvest energy from methane 700 feet deep in the Black Sea.

Under Engineering, a link to Engineer Your Life (Engineer Your Life - Homepage) a guide to engineering for high school girls. Two introductory videos feature a computer science engineer who creates Star Wars video games and a civil engineer. The website links to EngineerGirl for middle school girls.


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