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Institute of Play

 Found in: language arts & literature, math, science, social studies, 6-8, 9-12

The Institute of Play develops learning games, activities for grades 6-12 that simulate real world problems. Teachers can join the Institute of Play community or follow on Twitter for updates.

Mission Packs organize curriculum into semester-long missions and series of quests. Mission problems are often presented as a narrative in which students are given roles to play. Missions are aligned to Common Core and NY State Standards. The website offers four missions packs for download:

In the 13-week Mission: I Spy Greece, (  PDF, 355KB, 25 pgs.) students in grade 6 social studies use skills in geography, culture, government and warfare as spies for Emperor Darius of Persia. The mission pack includes detailed plans and supporting materials.

Print & Play Games are board-and-card or discussion-based games for grades 6-12 that can be downloaded for free. IP has created more than 70. Two are available here for download. Others can be found on partner websites. Links are provided. One game, Socratic Smackdown, is a discussion-based game for grades 6-12 to practice argumentation around any text or issue. The download (  PDF, 329KB, 32 pgs.) includes detailed instructions for pay and student and teacher resources. The game is aligned to the Common Core Standards.

The Institute of Play website has a lot more resources for teachers to explore. One feature directed especially to teachers is Resources for Educators, which offers videos, games, and design packs for professional development and use in the classroom. 


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