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Education at HarpWeek

Found in: social studies, 9-12

Education at HarpWeek features an activity and three simulations for high school history students grounded in articles, editorials, illustrations, and cartoons originally published in Harper’s Weekly.

The Civil War Illustrations Activity: Why Did The North Win The Civil War? includes three activities in which students analyze pictorial sources dealing with the Civil War. Illustrations are grouped for Part 1 and for the optional Parts 2 and 3. All illustrations can be enlarged.

In the simulation The Ku Klux Klan Hearings, students read and view 41 documents to prepare for roles as both witnesses and members of the Ku Klux Klan Congressional Committee. It should be understood that some of the readings are offensive as is some of the language. The simulation includes teacher suggestions, documents, and two appendices with the full and abbreviated Ku Klux Klan Act (1871).

In the simulation of The Impeachment of Andrew Johnson students use primary source materials to understand issues surrounding the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. Comments to Teachers outlines liberties taken to make the simulation manageable, such as reducing the charges against Johnson from 11 to 2. Three other sections provide the game rules, reading for context, and readings for specific characters.

In a fictitious convention, The Reconstruction Convention Simulation students try to reach agreement on issues faced following the Civil War. The simulation includes a cast characters and their beliefs, readings grouped under beliefs, and requirements.


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