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Rethinking Columbus

Found in: social studiespreK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Rethinking Columbus reconsiders the traditional story of Columbus, and the effects of his explorations on the Americas. Download the complete guide ( PDF 7.0 MB, 99 pgs.) or separate lessons and resources. All lessons can be adapted for K-12. A special section has lesson for middle school and high school. New Mexico Standards and Benchmarks for Language Arts and Social Studies are listed. Many lessons and activities refer to the teacher resource book Rethinking Columbus. ( PDF, 7.5 MB, 101 pgs.) A revised and expanded edition (189 pgs) is available for purchase.

Introductory Activities include Anti-Stereotype Curriculum: All Ages ( PDF, 97.2 KB, 2 pgs), which outlines a 14 step process for examining stereotypes. The 12-minute DVD and teacher guide “Unlearning “Indian” Stereotypes” maybe be available in a school or local library. It is also for sale at the Rethinking Schools website.

Content Activities include Accurate Account Of The Columbus/Taíno Encounter ( PDF, 97.8 KB, 1 pg) a lesson for grades 9-12 in which students examine and discuss different accounts of the Columbus explorations. The lesson is based on Bob Peterson’s “Columbus and Native Issues in the Elementary Classroom”. (See: Rethinking Columbus pgs 38-39)

Closure Activities include Debate: Should We Celebrate Columbus Day?
( PDF, 69.8 KB, 3 pgs.) in which students use information from the unit to debate the celebration of Columbus Day.


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