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Michael Rosen

Found in: arts, language arts & literature, preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Michael Rosen is a novelist and poet who has written 140 books. Many are out of print, which is why he created a website. He writes primarily for children and was British Children's Laureate from 2007 to 2009. His website, Michael Rosen features video performances of many stories and poems and offers free material that can be used in K-5 language arts and 6-12 English classes. One humorous poem titled Hot Food” (1:04) describes a family of four eating potatoes. A very different poem, “Boogy Woogy Buggy” (0:45) has strong rhythm and rhyme.

Note: Make sure to watch Rosen’s poem videos on his website. Some have been altered and reposted on YouTube and are not suitable for the classroom. For teachers who can’t access YouTube videos, Rosen provides a way to download them. See his note on Keepvid.

Rosen’s work is often humorous, but not always. The Sad Book (2004), is a picture book about grief after the death of a teen-age son. The book was illustrated by Quentin Blake. This book is not included on the website but might be school and local libraries.

The section Videos also includes podcasts. Rosen includes poems and stories about his family, BBC videos of live performances, a series of readings of poems from his book The Hypnotiser, videos found elsewhere on the Web, and videos and podcasts for adults.

Poems is a collection of print rather than audio poems, some rhyme, others do not. “Pelicans” is about a mother’s unfulfilled promise to her son to visit a park to see pelicans.

For Adults has articles by and about Rosen, more videos and podcasts, and articles and resources for teachers. One humorous poem deals with the shortsightedness of immigrant anxiety “I Can’t Stand It Anymore” (0:46)

For Teachers includes links to resources on the Children’s Laureate website, which has been reorganized. We have included accurate links in this description. The Poetry Friendly Classroom supplies resources and ideas for making poetry a part of daily activities. Resources to Download provides lessons and activities keyed to particular poetry books and display templates. A series of 13 video tips describes how to make poetry a daily activity. Another series presents tips from teachers. And there is more.


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