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Found in: health & PE; science; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12 Lesson Plans is a collection of K-12 cross-curricular lesson plans, activities, and mini-units aligned with National Standards. Elementary, middle school, and high school curricula can be downloaded as a whole or in part. A lesson plan page sidebar supplies facts, resource links, and references on water, sanitation, women & children and water, disease, and economics:

  • "Water is Life" Global Water Awareness Mini-Unit ( PDF, 2.1 MB, 9 pgs.) Students in grades 3-5 develop their appreciation of the importance of water with a fact sheet, vocabulary search and web research activities, and a game: “Hot Water”.
  • “Global Water Crisis” Mini-Unit ( PDF, 139 KB, 16 pgs.) Working individually or in groups, students in grades 6-8 research water crisis conditions in a country (Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Honduras, India, or Kenya) and report their findings to the class. Students record information for all countries. A graphic organizer is supplied.
  • "Hydro-Technology" Mini-Unit ( PDF, 136 KB, 17 pgs.) Students in grades 9-12 work in groups to design new water supply, collection, or sanitation technology. Groups present their original concepts for review in the form of a “patent application” to a peer group operating as an “international patent office”.
  • Additional resources include a discussion guide for adults and older students, water facts, and media resources on the water crisis.


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