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Let’s Go!

Found in: health & PE; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Let’s Go! is a K-12 childhood obesity prevention program that promotes increased physical activity and healthy diet. The foundation of changing habits is 5-2-1-0. School toolkits are available for grades K-5 and 6-12. Teachers (classroom as well as physical education and health teachers) can download PDFs of sections or complete toolkits (K-5 16.8 MB, 204 pgs) and (6-12 13.3 MB, 174 pgs). Hard copies, as well as other resources, can also be purchased. In addition, the website offers toolkits for childcare, health care, out of school care, and the workplace.

In the K-5 School Toolkit, Provide Opportunities to Get Physical Activity Every Day (Strategy 4) explains why physical activity matters, how to implement it, and provides activity ideas. Quick Brain Boosts ( PDF, 507 KB, 1 pg.) describes nine activities that can be used singly as breaks, in groups at recess, or all together for a field day. With the exception of a ladder, which could be easily approximated, the activities require simple or no equipment. Active Recess! argues that recess should never be withheld as punishment. It lists ways to ensure that students release energy and reduce stress.

In the Middle School – High School Toolkit, Limit Recreational Screen Time (Strategy 5) includes PSA Posters For The Hallways ( PDF, 3.1 MB, 6 pgs.) that translate time spent binge watching programs into other activities. National Screen-Free Week describes how one community set aside a week in May to unplug from digital entertainment, which may remind some of books like Jerry Mander’s Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television and Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves To Death and what was once simply TV Turn Off Week.


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