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Carnegie Hall K-12 Resources

Found in: arts; language arts & literature; social studies; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

Carnegie Hall K-12 Resources include five curriculum guides with lessons plans, worksheets, assessments, sheet music, and audio and video clips. Lessons and activities are aligned with National Music Standards and New York City Blueprint Strands. The website requires free registration, some resources an additional account, and movement from resource to resource may require additional login.

Music Educators Toolbox (K-5) provides grade-specific resources in fundamentals. Resources can be browsed by grade (K-2 and 3-5), resource type (assessments and activities), or concept (rhythm and meter, form and design, expressive qualities, pitch, and performance). Teachers can browse and download video examples on Vimeo’s Music Educators Toolbox.

Musical Explorers (K-2) Fall 2015 Concert Webcast (56:40) features Greek Folk, Malian Traditional, and Indian Classical music. Find additional brief clips at 2015–2016 Artists and Resources.

Link Up (3-5) is a participatory program for NYC teachers and students. However, there are resources online that can be used by anyone. Beginnings introduces the orchestra, the voice, music notation, and basic recorder skills. The curriculum includes teacher and student guides, audio clips, and a game: Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra. The game has versions for students and teachers that require instructor and student accounts. Other units include The Orchestra Rocks, The Orchestra Moves, and The Orchestra Sings. The Orchestra Swings will be added during the 2016-17 season.

Perelman American Roots Program was part of a Carnegie Hall festival in March 2009. Print resources are available online, as are many audio and video clips. Lesson Plans and Guides (6-8) offer teacher and student guides, sheet music, video, audio, and an interactive timeline. The Student Guide ( PDF, 2.8 MB, 20 pgs) explores African American song: music from Africa, work songs, Spirituals, and gospel. The guide’s central question is how does song unite people. The guide includes pre- and post-curriculum surveys and nine worksheets. The Teacher’s Guide ( PDF, 4.8 MB, 37 pgs) includes twelve lesson plans. The Interactive Timeline lets students meet musicians and explore the development of African American sacred, secular, and jazz traditions. Click album covers to listen to musical clips.

Global Encounters (9-12) is a cross-curricular (English, social studies, and music) celebration of music from Mexico, India, and Turkey. For example, Music of Turkey highlights Romani music and investigates the relationship between freedom and structure. Teacher and student guides, supporting materials, and audio and video clips are included.


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