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Will We Elect Our First Female President?

The history of women in politics, gender and politics, and topical resources about the 2016 presidential election.

Found in: social studies; 6-8; 9-12

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Background Resources:

Gender and Politics

  • Donald Trump Has Stolen Feminism’s Big Moment
    “In an election that could have been an inspiring opportunity to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s candidacy and advance the national conversation around feminist causes, women have been forced to spend much of their energy contending with Donald Trump.”
  • There’s Much Less Gender Bias In Politics Than You Think. Here’s Why.
    Argues that the declining novelty of female candidates and ideological polarization are the real problem not gender bias.
  • No Gender Bias in Politics? Not So Fast
    Disagrees with the Washington Post article and identifies implicit gender bias, or the “gulf between our conscious ideals of equality and our unconscious tendency to discriminate in the ballot box with regards to gender.”
  • Media Coverage Of Women Candidates
    Gender bias in media coverage “continues to plague women’s candidacies. Winning office does not end the effort to obtain fair media coverage; women officeholders, and not just candidates, strive for equitable press reporting.”
  • Biased Blogging: Linguistic Evidence Of Gender Bias In Political Blogs ( PDF, 1.7 MB, 29 pgs)
    This study, published in the Fall of 2015, found “significant differences in the linguistic patterns used to describe females. Particularly, there is a tendency on the part of bloggers to reference a female candidate’s gender far more frequently than that of male candidates.”


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