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Found in: preK-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

STEMpact Resource Library features sample lessons grouped K-5 and 6-8, lessons for adults that can be adapted to the classroom, and resources to help design lessons integrating STEM. Lessons list Next Generation Science Standards.

Grades K-5  has fourteen lesson plans. In Investigating Mass,  ( PDF, 199 KB, 8 pgs.) students in grade 1 use an equal arm balance to find the mass of various objects and then arrange objects in order from the least to the most mass. In Rock the Walk, ( PDF, 158 KB, 5 pgs.) students in grade 4 design a wheelchair accessible platform on the Grand Canyon made from natural resources. The lesson integrates natural science, engineering, and math.

Grades 6-8 has four lessons so far. More are being developed. In Wind Turbines, ( PDF, 221 KB, 7 pgs.) students in grade 6 design and build a wind turbine that can lift a basket of pennies. The lesson integrates engineering, technology, and science. In Stomp Rockets,
( PDF, 126 KB, 4 pgs.) students in grade 8 design and build a stomp rocket.

Adult Learning has eight lessons. In Eats and Drinks,  ( PDF, 538 KB, 9 pgs.) students design a 3-D scale model of a table that can convert from a dining table to a coffee table. The lesson integrates engineering, math, and science.

Lesson Design Resources offer tips for extending lessons, combining STEM content areas, and problem solving.


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