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A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

found in: 6-8; 9-12

A Teachers Guide to the Holocaust presents an overview of the people and events of the Holocaust.

Timeline Seven sections focus on the rise of the Nazi Party following WWI to the present. Major events are summarized for each year and include links to additional information.

People are grouped by the perspectives: victim, perpetrator, liberators, survivors, and 4 others. For example, Resistors  discusses unarmed resistance like The White Rose and armed resistance throughout Europe.

The Arts cover visual art, literature, and music. Each section provides Teacher Resources,  including lesson plans and student handouts.

Teacher Resources under bibliographies, documents, galleries, glossary, maps, movies, museums, music, plays, quizzes, software, video, VR, and web sites.

Student Activities are grouped under elementary, middle school, and high school lessons plans. A 5th grade thematic unit, Beginning Holocaust Studies  introduces the subject through reading children's literature. Students in grades 6-12, compare photos and the art of a Holocaust survivor and artist in David Olère. And high school students analyze language of the Nazis and their propaganda in Interpretation.


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