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National Science Teaching Association Classroom Resources

found in: science; preK-2; 3-5; 6-8; 9-12

National Science Teaching Association Classroom Resources include lesson plans, book chapters, videos, and simulations in physical science, life science, and earth & space science for K-12 students with recommendations for adapting them to NGSS. Search or browse NSTA vetted and shared community resources. Limit by grade level and core ideas. NOTE: NSTA membership is required for certain functions, such as printing lessons, however, online access to resources appears to be open.

A Place in the Shade- An Engineering Challenge Students (K-2) work in small groups to plan, make, and test a structure to reduce the warming effect of sunlight on an ice cube. The lesson includes videos of student as they work and test their structures and suggests questions for the class to consider at the end of the testing.

Engineering for the Three Little Pigs  Students (3-5) build three different sand castles using different amounts of sand, water, and glue, test them for strength (load bearing) and resistance to weathering, and consider possible solutions and their feasibility.

Asteroid Impact In this first of series of eight lessons, students (6-8) are learn they have to save the human population of “Alabraska” from an asteroid impact. They have to use geology, engineering, and mathematical reasoning to develop underground living spaces able to withstand an asteroid impact. The lesson includes a clip (9:58) from Miracle Planet to introduce the problem.

Energy Consumption Rates Around the World Students (9-12) use satellite and aerial imagery, maps, graphs, spreadsheets, descriptive information, and statistics to compare energy and oil consumption rates in the United States and in other countries. The lesson provides a Student User Guide.


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