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Presidents’ Day Activities, Grades 6-8

Presidents’ Day Is February 17, 2020

Found In: language arts, social studies, 6-8

On this Presidents' Day, celebrate the lives of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, their contributions to the United States, and the lives and contributions of all our 45 Presidents.

Lesson Plans

Of Human Bondage: George Washington and the Issue of Slavery
Students interpret four documents George Washington wrote regarding his slaves and slavery. The site provides lesson versions for elementary and middle-high school.

George Washington: Center Piece of a Nation ( PDF, 1.45 MB, 6 pgs.)
Students in grades 4-6 discuss the leadership characteristics that made Washington a good president and whether these characteristics are still important.

Looking for Lincoln’s Views on Slavery
Students in grades 5-8 examine Abraham Lincoln’s views on slavery and race, which evolved both throughout his early life and throughout his presidency.

More Lessons & Background Resources

George Washington: A National Treasure
Explore the life and Presidency of George Washington through this online exhibit from the National Portrait Gallery. Find puzzles, quizzes and fun historical features to learn about the life and times of George Washington.

Under His Hat
A K-12 thematic resource on Lincoln using some of the 52,000 Lincoln and Lincoln-era artifacts and documents the Lincoln Collection. Each resource includes activities that can be correlated with objectives in the National Common Core Standards.

Presidents Day
Is it Presidents or President’s or Presidents’ Day? Is it an official holiday?

Games & Quizzes


Abraham Lincoln’s Crossroads
Advanced middle- and high-school students explore Lincoln’s political choices. An animated Lincoln introduces a situation, asks for advice, and prompts players to decide the issue for themselves, before revealing the actual outcome. At game’s end, players discover how frequently they predicted Lincoln’s actions. A Resources Page provides links to relevant Websites, permitting students to explore issues in depth.

A Word Fitly Spoken: An Interactive Timeline of Lincoln's Most Famous Speeches on Union
An interactive timeline of Lincoln’s most famous speeches.

Portrait for Kids
Explore the Landsdowne Portrait of Washington in this interactive feature.


Quiz: Lincoln Myths and Misconceptions
Answer all 15 questions and submit for a grade.

Video & Audio


Presidents Day Video
11 videos about selected Presidents from

American Experience: The Presidents
Complete documentaries of seven Presidents can be watched online.

Lincoln’s Legend and Legacy (60 minutes)
3-part online video, transcript, readings.

Looking for Lincoln
Online video in chapters, plus 9 other clips. Teachers should preview, as language has been questioned.

American Experience: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Watch online. Approximately 90 minutes.


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