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Changing Student Grades

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I want to give back to society for the excellent education I received! Education is something that I have wanted to do since fourth grade! As a student, I have always hated changed grades on an assignment. Teachers would list the points I earned in several categories along with the total points received. My question often was...why did that 6 get crossed out and replaced with a 5...and that 10 scribbled and replaced with an 8? I found this frustrating and confusing as a child. My tip would be for educators to keep a small dry erase board handy when grading papers. List your grading criteria and then place a score next to each one and a total at the bottom. If you plan to review students' work once more to make sure the grade is appropriate, do so. In the event of a changed grade, mark it on the dry erase board before permanently transferring the grade to the students' work. By doing this one may save a student from questioning a grade change. In addition, the dry erase board can save many pieces of paper!


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