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Class Log Book

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One idea that has been passed on to me is to keep a class log/notebook. I choose one student to take notes each week and file them in a class notebook along with any worksheets or other handouts. The student helper also records absences, homework, and upcoming quizzes or tests. If a student is absent, he or she knows to go to the class log to get the notes, worksheets, as well as what homework he or she has missed and what to look forward to. In the front of the notebook is a seating chart and extra help times for reference.

Make-up work is handed in within two days of an absent student’s return to class. All work is dated by period/day missed and by assignment, written at the top of the page. There is a make-up work bin in the classroom where the material is to be turned in. I can check the logbook as to when the student was absent to verify that the material was in fact turned in on time. Of course, I make exceptions for longer-term illnesses.


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