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Classroom Mailing Center

Found In: classroom setup, noise control, routines & procedures

I bought enough file system boxes to create a classroom mail center, similar to the ones the teachers have in the office. My students place their homework in their mailboxes. They put their questions and concerns in my mailbox, and while they are doing early morning work, I read and respond personally to those notes. I get to give students that one-on-one attention they need.

I also get to know my students a little better. Somehow they share more when they know I'm going to read it and respond right away. The chit-chatty talking has been reduced in the classroom because students have the freedom to place notes in classmates' mailboxes. They know that they can only retrieve their mail after ALL of their morning work is completed. Homework, letters home, and other important materials are handled in a very orderly manner. This mailbox system has really worked4me.


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