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Communicating with Parents II

Found in: parent-teacher communication

I keep in touch with the parents of my 32 kindergartners via a daily email newsletter. I use this daily email to let parents know what we covered in class today, what we will be learning in the coming days, how to complete the homework, and what supplies we may need. With the push of the button, I reach everyone, which is something that would take hours by phone. With kindergartners a piece of paper doesn't always make it home, but an email goes straight to the parents. For those few parents who don't have an email address, I also send home a weekly photocopied newsletter each Friday.

Not only do my parents appreciate the daily news, which takes only 15 minutes to write, it also allows them to share their child's kindergarten experience with far-flung family members. We have a father in the navy who is able to follow his daughter's daily activities while he is in a sub halfway around the world. We have many grandparents kept up-to-date with their grandkids across the country. Three sets of divorced parents no longer have to wonder what is going on because one parent didn't get the newsletter that week. The parents love the tips I give them for working with their children at home and I like the instant feedback I receive. Asking for last minute items or sending out updated scheduling announcements has never been easier!


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