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Computer Class Organization

Found in: computer labs; computers and peripherals; routines & procedures

A computer lab can get cluttered in a hurry so I assign a Row Manager each day for each row of computers in the room. At the end of the period, this student is responsible for reminding other students to stay organized. The Row Managers get a small checklist of cleanup items. 1) Computers logged off. 2) Storage devices put away. 3) Paper off the floor. 4) Paper off the computer areas. 5) No books, pens, etc. left out. 6) All chairs pushed in. The Row Manager leaves the checklist at the end of the row so that I can take a quick walk down the isles, collect the checklists and evaluate the clean up. Students get an extra credit point added to their grade for completing all the items on the list and I have a neat and organized classroom for the beginning of the next class.


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