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Conduct Cards

Found In: discipline, parents, routines & procedures, tracking behavior

I always dreaded hearing from parents about a conduct grade that I gave a student until I came up with conduct cards. Each student has an index card with their name and the week on it. I use computer labels so the process is easier and the cards look neater. I keep them in a file box with several pens in it.

Each time a student forgets an assignment, a book or breaks a rule they have to sign their conduct card. At the end of the week, I put a grade on the card. They take the cards home on Monday to get signed by their parents and return them to school on Tuesday.

Students who behave positively receive a nice stamp on their card to bring home. I have one that says, “Give your child a hug today for this good work.” Parents have never questioned a grade that I have given since I started using these cards, and my class is in control.



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