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Controlling the Uncontrollable Class

Found In: discipline

I have a suggestion for how to control an uncontrollable class. I am not willing to punish all the students for the misbehavior of the majority, so I decided to use a reward system.

When I catch a student cooperating, I place a laminated ticket and overhead marker on his desk. On the back of the ticket, the student writes his name using the overhead marker. The ticket labels the student as doing something positive and allows him to put the ticket in the treasure chest. At the end of the class, I draw a name from the chest. The student then chooses a pass from the reward barrel. The pass may be a slurp pass (allowing them to bring a drink to enjoy in class), a change-of-seat pass, a homework pass, a snack pass (allows the student to bring a snack to eat in class), a computer pass (5 min. free time), a break pass (an extra bathroom trip), etc.

Daily draws become weekly draws, which become sporadic draws as time goes by. My “uncontrollable” class has caught-on VERY quickly, and my life is much easier as a result!


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