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Feedback through E-mail

Found in: parent-teacher communication

Feedback is integral to learning. I created professional-looking response sheets on our desktop publishing software and post them outside our room for students and adults to record their thoughts and comments about art, stories and other work that we display. I attach a marker.

The response sheets say things like: 'Haunted House Art Comments' or 'We worked hard on this Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater story. What do you think?' The children learn how to write a compliment from reading comments. It also helps build a community between students, teachers, support staff, administrators and parents who all participate.

I have also introduced E-mail to my students by E-mailing comments about the work or about help we receive from others. This can be done as a whole-class writing demonstration or through teachers sending comments via E-mail. This is an authentic learning activity with many happy returns.


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