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Feely Box

Found in: motivating students

As a reward system, I created a Feely Box. After taping the lid down on a paper box, I cut a hole out of the end of the box. Then, I covered the box with fabric and cut fringe to glue to the inside of the box to cover the hole. The object is to make the students FEEL for the prize inside the box.

During class, I distribute ticket stubs (cost about $6.00 for a large roll) to those students who are exhibiting the type of behavior and participation expected. The goal is to get everyone involved in class activity/lecture. You will find that even your slowest, most unresponsive student will do what it takes to be rewarded with a ticket stub. Students must keep their ticket stubs to claim a prize.

At the end of three weeks or so, I pull out my ticket stubs (stubs kept in a 1lbs. coffee can for each class) and have a drawing. We call this 'Reed's Random Raffle' in my class. The winner gets to come to the Feely Box and feel for his/her prize. Most of the prizes are not expensive but the students really enjoy being the winner. I buy dollar store items, movie tickets, CD-RW, holiday items, etc. to put in the box.


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