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First Week in Kindergarten

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The first week of school, I give my students a gingerbread man nametag to wear. The nametag corresponds to the bulletin board outside my classroom door. This enables the students to easily find their room on the first day. I read The Gingerbread Man story to them and I bring a real gingerbread man to school for us to share at snack time. During recess he 'runs' away. Our class walks around the school to try to find him. As we look for the gingerbread man, we have an opportunity to meet other important people in our building such as the nurse, the principal, the secretary, etc. We finally return to our classroom and discover that he is waiting for us there. I have a colleague secretly return him to our room while we are looking for him in other parts of the building. When we return, we all enjoy our delicious gingerbread snack. The kindergartners really enjoy this activity and they become acquainted with the school building and staff at the same time.


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