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Five Ideas for Family Communication

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Here are a few things I do to maintain positive communication with the families of my students:

  1. A letter with each interim/report card, detailing our topics of study, upcoming field trips, speakers, etc. The first letter of the year explains my open door policy and that we love visitors to come observe what we are doing at any time.
  2. A good news postcard mailed to each home before October 31, with postage paid by the school.
  3. A phone call home before the open house in September to tell how much I appreciate having the child in my class and to answer any questions. The open house can then be more general.
  4. Geometry stations, staffed by parents. Children have a little booklet with all ten stations, and parents sign off on their booklets. This could work with any subject.
  5. Invite parents to “Author’s Tea” each May, when we have punch, tea sandwiches and cookies with lace tablecloths, candles and flowers. We dress up and students read their favorite pieces for the audience of parents.



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