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Fostering Friendships

Found In: building trust & community, classroom setup, manners & etiquette

The first impression is the best impression. I decorate my classroom door with a variation of the “friendship” concept translation. I have small groups collaborate on what friendship means and create their visual concept on large drawing paper. When complete, each group displays its work and permits the class to interpret their work. The displaying group then explains what went into their work of art.

After all the groups finish, I tape their work on the door. Anyone who witnesses an act of friendship by a member in the class writes the name of that student on a strip of paper that I’ve prepared in advance and tacks it on the wall next to the door. This strip eventually circles the classroom as more names are tacked on. I make a point of asking the class who posted the names and asking them describe the act of friendship to the rest of the class.



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