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Homework Completion Incentive

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To get reluctant students to complete homework consistently, I found an incentive that really works! I give out homework passes. I purchased paper homework passes from a school supply store, wrote each student's name, my name and the duration of the pass on each one.

For example, a pass might be good for one homework assignment this week. I laminated the passes and put the stack in a clear packet on the chalkboard for all to see. In order to earn a homework pass, the student must complete all homework assignments for a week and pass Friday's test with an 80% or better.

On Mondays, I hand out the passes. When it's time to check homework at the beginning of class, they can show me the pass in lieu of the assignment and then place it back in the packet.

We all applaud the first time a student earns one. I encourage those that don't earn one with positive talk.



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