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I Love Angry Parents

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I love working with angry parents! This is my philosophy and procedure.

  1. The parent always has a valid complaint, according to how he/she understands something.
  2. Remain calm; don’t be defensive; just listen.
  3. Ask the parent to tell you what he/she is angry about; then say something like “I can understand why you would be angry about that; I am happy that you are your child’s advocate.”
  4. Then say, “Let’s see what has already been done about this issue and what we can do to solve it.”
  5. Hopefully, what has already been done has been documented; I may have to tell the parent that I will need some time to work this problem out, but I will let her/him know as soon as I know something; I sometimes ask clarifying questions.
  6. I document every time I talk with a parent or child and keep enough details to answer upcoming questions.
  7. I follow through, investigate, and call the parent back.



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