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Interview Preparation: Create an E-folio

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My résumé advice to anyone preparing to interview for a teaching job is: be prepared, be early, and be memorable.

When, I decided to move across country and wanted to find a new school, I knew I had to make my resume and myself stand out. To make myself memorable, I did the following: I created an e-folio with a PowerPoint presentation about my current school, my students, and myself. I then burned a copy of the presentation and a copy of my resume to a CD. (Various stores have some great programs to make custom labels and CD cases to use.)

I sent the CD and a 'hard' copy of my cover letter and resume to the schools I was most interested in. (I found these schools by researching school districts and their schools on the web.) I packed all of this in a manila envelope and waited about a month before giving the school principals a follow up phone call. I received many replies for interviews. The principal of my new (current) school has recommended many to come talk to me for advice on how to prepare for interviews. I hope this helps and best of luck.


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