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Organized Computer Scheduling

Found in: computer labs

At our middle school, a reservation is required to bring a class to the computer labs. The form lists times that a teacher would like, type of lesson, lesson objectives, and level of support needed from library media staff and technology paraprofessional staff. Time and space is reserved on a first come first serve basis. Once a time has been granted, a teacher gets a copy of the form with lab instructor approval (no approval, no lab time granted) and the reservation is recorded in a master schedule book.

The reservation request system helps coordinate collaboration between the library media specialist/technology integrator (lab instructor) and the teacher. The lab instructor can view in advance what a teacher's needs are and can support the learning goals of the lesson (i.e. ensuring that software is available on the computers that will be used for specific technology lessons).

There's no doubt that a well-run lab contributes to the academic achievement of all students involved. The reservation request system is a win-win situation for all those involved, especially the students!


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