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Take Home Test

Found in: parental involvement; science; tests & quizzes

Periodically, I give my students a 'take home' test. The twist is I have them TEACH their parents or guardians the chapter we have just covered. I give them a list of 15 items and they must pick 8-10 topics to teach.

A sample topic for a chapter on the moon might be to explain why the moon goes through its various phases during a lunar month, using a model. I have had parents tell me of standing outside in front of headlights (the sun) while their child uses a volleyball to show where the moon is at different phases. Most students also explain eclipses while doing this as well.

The benefits are many. Parents like this testing because it gives them a chance to see what their children are learning. The students enjoy it because it is something different. In addition, any time you teach someone a concept you are more likely to understand it better. The parents, using a 1 to 3 scale, with a 3 being very well done, grade the explanations.


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